Meet the designers behind the last harvest of It bags

Sculptural forms, staggered buttons and limitless adaptability – Vogue takes a step away from new bag designers who are overriding an accessory revolution
Is it a stock market? Is it a belt? Or is it a bag? It’s all three, thanks to a new generation of contemporary pocket brands whose Instagram designs are as user-friendly as they are fully functional and magically transformable. A bag can now accept as many incarnations as you like because labels are increasingly responding to our diverse lives through multiple option models. The suspenders and decency gear are designed with an elegant, customizable spirit, which means it’s up to you how you carry your bag.

“Since introducing the Mansur Gavriel bucket model, the first modern handbag to be sold 24 hours after its return, we’ve seen more and more brands with amazing designs at affordable prices,” says Net-A’s director of retail fashion. Porter, Lisa Aiken. “Customers value their love of a bag for their aesthetics rather than the brand, they value a fantastic design and are looking for a fun, versatile and elegant statement piece.

And now there is a wide choice. Transformers, Danse Lente, Manu Atelier and Yuzefi are among the brands that are developing a new and successful approach to bag design, and will be among the top ten most successful brands in the modern bag category in Spring / Summer 2018. A-porter. Aiken notes that sales have almost doubled since last season, with no signs of slowing (NAP is currently increasing its purchases) and designers are responding accordingly.

“It was the right time for my creations,” says Elza Wandler, who launched their label converter last year with a mix of unexpected dimensions, clean lines and vibrant colors. A graduate of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she has already achieved great success with the Hortensia and Luna bags, both with optional handles. “I think a bag should give you a sense of independence and joy when you use it – a bit of functionality can not hurt,” she says. This also explains the versatility of the Anna belt buckle bag, which can be worn as a shoulder bag, as a waist pack or as a handbag. and the Lotta bag, which is a decorative element along its adjustable strap.

Aesthetically speaking, it is a combination of these material details and eye-catching graphic shapes that characterize every aspect of the designs of these dynamic brands. Which was undoubtedly inspired by Loewe’s Puzzle Bag in 2015, an instantly recognizable sculptural design that blends in perfectly with the Instagram lens.

“Instagram definitely plays a role in the success of these bags,” says Aiken. “It brings a lot of attention to a brand and that’s not just a matter of fashion.” Instagram portrays a lifestyle that customers want to join in. The idea of ​​having a branded bag under the radar shows your fashion credentials. ”

Note that it’s all about design, details, shape and size, and less slogans or logos. The strong brands and seasonal bragging of the designers of these brands are left behind in favor of the distinctive features of each brand.

And from the consumer’s point of view, in our increasingly worn-out world, the inherent flexibility of these designs means you do not have to worry too much about getting caught in the same bag. Because you basically can not be – a belt switch, an elongated handle or a forearm arm solves this problem easily.

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